2020 / / Professional


  • Company
    Novague Design, Czech Republic
  • Lead Designer
    Petr Novague
  • Client
    Spojené kartáčovny a.s.; SPOKAR

SPOKAR HOME collection has been designed for traditional Czech producer of housekeeping utensils. All products from collection are made with great responsibility to environment, thus products have robust construction providing long-term durability. Collection of cleaning utensils is composed of hand brush and dustpan. Both products are made of durable plastic in variety of stylish colours. Both products are equipped by several practical features, which makes cleaning easier.

Petr Novague founded Novague Design Studio in 2008 in order to develop functional and user-friendly products with exceptional aesthetics for his clients. This studio succeeded in establishing itself in the highly competitive world of design. His work provides his clients with unique solutions in many design categories, from corporate identity to technically demanding engineering.

The world we see is chock-full of useless things. We find it chaotic and confusing. The world of design is also reflected in this image of reality. Our objective is to bring siplicity to this environment.

Other prizes
RedDot Award, iF Design Award, German Design, GOOD DESIGN, A' Design Award, Internationa Design Award, European Product Design Award

Photo Credit: Novague Design