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2020 / / Professional

CALCiViS Imaging System (CIS)

  • Company
    Eg Technology Limited, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Nick Earl
  • Design Team
    Max Walker, Nick Earl, Andy Hayes, James Hadley, Chris French, Danny Godfrey, Bruce Vernon, Alan Graham
  • Client

CALCiViS provides dentists with engaging, real-time, chair-side images of early-stage tooth decay, supporting a preventive approach to oral care. Tooth decay is the world’s most common non-communicable disease, global prevalence of 35%. Calcivis and eg technology designed the hand-held diagnostic system, which sprays a special ‘photoprotein’ onto the tooth surface and then detects a luminescent flash from any decaying regions. The ergonomic design combines a high specification imaging system within the wireless, handheld probe, which is small enough to fit comfortably into the patient’s mouth.

Photo Credit: Eg Technology Limited