2019 / / Student


  • Lead Designer
    Can Gurkan
  • Design Team
    Can Gurkan, Can Aydin, Liora Nasi, Yoel Nasi, Rana Taki, Batuhan Bayraktar, Ece Tabag, Sedat Yalcin
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Yasar Idilkurt, Kaan Bozkurt, Emre Otay
  • University

Pomelo is an interactive educational robot that aims to encourage pre-school children to use technology as an learning tool instead of an addictive entertainment while creating a cooperative and social classroom environment. The place of a teacher is indisputable, Pomelo simply assists the teacher by incorporating a bit of technology. Pomelo’s form takes its inspiration from the adorable friendship between a child and a dog. Pomelo communicates with students through visuals on its built-in screen and speech. There is lot to be told: please spare time to check out the details below.

Photo Credit: Can Gurkan
Credits: Yasar Idilkurt, Kaan Bozkurt, Emre Otay