2019 / / Student

Folding wall tile

  • Lead Designer
    Sheng Chuan Xin, Xie Shan Shan
  • Design Team
    Wang Wu Feng, Zhang Zao hui, Qin guo liang, Chen jun yi
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  • Other credit
    In-house Design: Wang Lei Chong, Yang Rong
  • University
    Zhongshan Torch Polytechnic & Zhongshan Institute Of Wuhan University Of Technology

Folding wallboard deduces the classical origami plastic arts, which folds many triangles of different heights into the shape of "bird" in nature. The "head", "tail" and "abdomen" of the "bird" is accurately calculated, so that many wall bricks can be precisely embedded with each other, like "birds" vividly adhere to the wall, it bringing much beauty and surprise to life. At the same time, the shape of wall tiles also imply the poetry and beauty of a long-stored memory, and it also represents the theme of love and romance, making the original decorative wall tiles have the charm of emotional.

Photo Credit: Sheng Chuan Xin, Xie Shan Shan
Credits: In-house design: Wang Lei chong, Yang rong