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2019 / / Professional

Fruktovitsa Bolgrad

  • Company
    SHUMI LOVE DESIGN Branding Agency (TM), Moldova, Republic of
  • Lead Designer
    Valerii Sumilov
  • Client

The main goal of this project was to combine the pan-European style of fruit distillates and the actual product position itself, which would be understandable to the Ukrainian consumer. It was necessary to develop a design that, on the one hand, would carry an individual elitist style of high-quality European products, while on the other hand it would clearly convey that these are strong alcoholic distillates. The design had to be at the same time statutory, premium, stylish, modern and light in perception.

More than just design. Alcoholic world class branding. Design that increases sales. Branding. Packaging. Design.

Photo Credit: Shumi Love Design Branding Agency (tm)