2019 / / Student


  • Lead Designer
    Aileen Winarto & Liam Burns
  • Design Team
    Aileen Winarto, Liam Burns, Quinlan Smith
  • University
    Savannah College Of Art And Design

Product and furniture design are entering a new phase. Moon is an affordable, portable and environmentally conscious solution for the college student market. This stool and lamp duo is called Moon. With a massive focus on curvature, we decided to name our stool Crescent, after the phase of the moon. And, to make a full moon we had to name the lamp Gibbous. Crescent + Gibbous = Moon It is made primarily using solid textile boards, a material rarely used in furniture. This material is fabricated from cotton factory excess that would have otherwise been wasted.

Photo Credit: Aileen Winarto & Liam Burns