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  • Company
    Primy Corporation Ltd, China
  • Lead Designer
    venkat Tirunagaru
  • Design Team
    Venkat Tirunagaru
  • Client
    Primy corporation ltd
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SlimSign Faucet Design inspiration from the road signs that erected along the desert road, and hope that reminds people to pay attention to the conservation of water resources when using water. The combination of slim column body and ultra-thin square spout makes it minimalist and clean, the paralleled handle and spout look dynamic even in the static state.

Our design team takes a holistic approach that considers the environment, function and form as equally important. Chief designer Venkat Tirunagaru sees water as the source of life and works from “green principles” – with a desire to connect design to nature and health. Tirunagaru is well known in the industry, specializing in Scandinavian design for bathrooms. Tirunagaru has a strong commitment to the environment and thanks to his innovative and elegant style has received numerous international design awards and distinctions, he worked as an industrial designer for various global companies.

Other prizes
My name is Venkat Tirunagaru, who has experience more than 33 years in Bathroom and Kitchen in Europe, recent in 7 years time I have won 28 international awards, (Reddot, IF, GDA, German Brand and EuropeanPDA and more),I am a (ID) specialized at product designer for complete bathroom and kitchen, SUS304 material Faucets, Showers, Cabinets, Sinks, Toilets and unique public bathroom products.

Photo Credit: Primy Corporation Ltd