2019 / / Student

Multifunctional Handhold Saw

  • Lead Designer
    Mingyue Zhu, Wenqi Dong, Qiwen Zheng, Yiling Wang
  • Design Team
    Celia Wu, Hongyong Zhuo, Zhoutong He, Amarpreet Gill, Xiaogang Yang, Yi-Teng Shih
  • Other credit
    Mingyue Zhu,wenqi Dong,qiwen Zheng,yiling Wang,etc

The product is a combination saw of mini-circular saw and sander. Functions can be exchanged basically by replacing blades into sander plate. When using the product as a mini-circular saw, a blade with diameter 110mm is supposed to be assembled on the power tool. A specific base which could be fixed on the desktop was designed for tools storage, product can be used as a sander tool by inserting the base plate into the base along with trials; tools for fixing, backup blades and sander plates are also stored in the drawer of base.

Photo Credit: Mingyue Zhu, Wenqi Dong, Qiwen Zheng, Yiling Wang
Credits: Mingyue Zhu,Wenqi Dong,Qiwen Zheng,Yiling Wang,etc