2019 / / Student

Carriage: Furniture for Ageless Independence

  • Lead Designer
    Kelli Smith
  • Design Team
    Kelli Smith, Taylor Pesesky, Jin Bing
  • University
    Savannah College Of Art And Design

For those suffering from forms of disabilities, injuries, or even just natural aches and pains, using the bathroom can be seen as a challenging task, or even as an impossible feat. Presented here is a product line of modular, adaptable furniture. For us, to label a bathtub, sink, and toilet as “furniture” allows for freedom of choice in its usage both in and out of the bathroom. Thus, making the bathroom, and our house, homey and inviting, because getting old doesn’t have to look so ugly. Our design strives to bring independence, confidence, and dignity to the home.

Photo Credit: Kelli Smith