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2019 / / Student

Oskar & Maj

  • Lead Designer
    Bahar Shahmammadova
  • Design Team
    Bahar Shahmammadova, Alex Neel, Victor Cinq-Mars, Tiffany Zhang
  • Project Link
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design

Oskar & Maj are a customizable chair and lighting unit for Millennials and Generation Z. A playful design combined with customizability allows users to change colors of the furniture whenever they want. Users can combine different color options for Oskar’s feet and cushion as well as for Maj’s shade. Ability to change colors let users fit the furniture to any room. Oskar and Maj come together to create colorful spaces. Oskar and Maj are aimed to contribute to our busy lifestyles while also adding an extra fun element and color to our lives!

Photo Credit: Bahar Shahmammadova