2018 / / Professional

PSI LI 36 Modular UPS

  • Company
    Powertec Solutions International, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Stan Battat
  • Client
    Powertec Solutions International
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Designed as the World’s only scalable capacity,Vdc UPS,the Modular Li-36 Micro UPS is designed to supply continuous commercial and standby power to 12VDC Customer Premise Equipment. Rated for use with all CPE devices 12VDC 36 Watts (3 Amps) or less and offers PSI Patent Pending Stackable Battery technology to offer more than 24 hours of backup, with up to 3 attachable battery packs.It can support one or multiple customer premise devices such as access points or routers. Providing hours of scalable battery backup during electrical outages, the Li-36 also offers an integrated Battery Mgmt System

Photo Credit: Powertec Solutions International