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Honorable Mention 2018 / Toy Design / Professional

Taksa Toys LOCOMO™

  • Company
    Taksa Toys Limited, Thailand
  • Lead Designer
    Fahdol na Nagara
  • Design Team
    Nagara na Nagara
  • Client
    Taksa Toys Limited
  • Project Link

TAKSA TOYS® creates LOCOMO™ our new series toy as a fun tool for kids to go explore nature in the wild or in the backyard. Playing with nature encourages physical movement, observational skills and imagination. Our toys are created to trigger kids' imagination by the stuffs they found in nature, encouraging them to observe the tiny details of what surrounds them. For LOCOMO™, we believe that creativity along with real world experiences is an essential part in making a child grow into a well-rounded individual.

The company founded by a one-of-a-kind-family with a very unique relationship that includes “2 generations of designers” living under the same roof. Art and design related conversation are one of the most talked about topics in the family followed by other intellectual conversations like morals, politics, science or even religious point of view, that later on heavily influence the thinking behind design works in big ways.

Other prizes
Tillywig's Brain Child Awards 2017. Award Winner. Toy Shop UK's Independent Toy Awards 2017. Commended.

Photo Credit: Taksa Toys Limited