Honorable Mention 2017 / Outdoor and Exercise Equipment / Professional

2-Seater Concrete Bench

  • Company
    CO33 by Gregor Uhlmann, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Gregor Uhlmann
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The CO33 2-Seater Concrete Bench
A functional concrete bench is the heart of
the CO33 series, with elegant but simple
design. Depending on the purpose or personal
preference it can be used as a bench, shelf,
table, firewood storage, hall stand or
sideboard both indoors and outdoors. With a
thickness of only 30 mm, the 2-Seater by CO33
can be manually positioned easily.

What is so special about CO33 furniture?
organic – simple – stable
CO33 is concrete in its most harmonious shape.

The Material
The material of our CO33 furniture series is
a high performance concrete.
Our concrete is made of an extremely dense
cement stone structure in conjunction with
selected minerals and is free of plastics,
fibers and reinforcement. Thus an outstanding
feature of the concrete we use is the ensured
long term durability after reaching the
ultimate strength. It has enormous
compressive strength, is extremely resistant
to bending, heat resistant and non-combustible.

The Quality
In order to obtain a high and durable
quality, your furniture rests under special
climatic conditions for a period of about 7
days after passing through its production
process and a first quality control. Then it
is subjected to a further visual inspection.
If everything is to our satisfaction and
meets our high standards of a perfect
product, it is then cleaned and treated with
a water resistant coating that protects it
from contamination.

The Surface
Due to an optimal production and
post-treatment, its very even, smooth surface
has almost no pores and micro cracks. This
also prevents weather and frost damage as
well as deposit or dirt buildup.
In terms of thermal conduction and cooling,
the material responds better than other
materials and thus can be used individually
at all places with extreme temperatures.

In 2014 in Germany, under the brand CO33, Gregor Uhlmann designed and created a line of handmade high-quality concrete furniture and accessories for a stylish living space. CO33 furniture is known for the finest German handwork, its filigree, minimalistic form, clean lines and extremely smooth and almost pore-free surface while keeping the natural character and charm of organic concrete. Combined with premium wood and stainless steel elements, the elegant furniture meets the current trend in the furniture market and is particularly suitable for small interiors or as a unique solitary object.

Other prizes
2020 DNA Paris Design Award Honorable Mention - OPUS VIDERO LIGNUM in Product Design - Furniture & Lighting Category 2018 EPDA Gold Award - OPUS IGNIS Firebowl in Outdoor Furniture Category 2017 EPDA Honorable Mention - OPUS PRIMO in Outdoor Furniture Category

Photo Credit: Co33 By Gregor Uhlmann