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Honorable Mention 2017 / Home Interior Products / Professional

Ego sideboard

  • Company
    DRAMA, Portugal
  • Lead Designer
    Adérito Soares
  • Project Link

Create an object as a multiplication of individual elements,
grouped and arranged in no particular order, resulting in a
free form. The object assumes the role of a sideboard,
incorporating six drawers of different sizes and shapes. On
the faceplate all the lines that originated the set appear, a
mesh inscribed on two different levels, adding the final
design and giving it a dynamic movement. The finishing
consists in the application of white pigment, using the
technique of stripping to reproduce a color gradient
between the white and the natural tone of the wood, being a
natural wax applied to feel the texture of the material. The
interior of the drawers is lined with silver foil, using a
technique to simulate aging in purple tones. Only the interior
finish of the drawers allows customization through a range
of finishes available. Ego sideboard, an egocentric and
singular object, who lives in and for itself.

Photo Credit: Drama