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CORE sauna heater

  • Prizes
    Winner in HOME (Household Products)/Home: Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Company
    HUUM OÜ, Estonia
  • Lead Designer
    Maarja Lind
  • Design Team
    Maarja Lind, Anti Reiman
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The CORE electric sauna heater, meticulously crafted in Estonia, exemplifies flexibility paired with elegance. Customize it to complement your sauna's ambiance: opt for CORE Black for a chic appearance or CORE Body for a personalized touch, utilizing materials such as tiles, stone, glass, or wood. In spite of its modest dimensions, the CORE heats swiftly, delivering a gentle steam experience. Its compact and secure design can be seamlessly integrated into a sauna bench, making it an ideal choice for limited spaces.The option for a wooden finish enhances safety, ideal for families with children

HUUM is a pioneering Estonian company dedicated to producing high-quality sauna heaters that merge exquisite design, gentle steam, and smart technology, driven by a deep love for the sauna and a thirst for innovation.

Maarja Lind is an industrial Product Designer at HUUM. Master's degree holder in Engineering and Design Sciences from Politecnico di Milano and experienced Head of Product Design with a background in technical industrial design.

Other prizes
Red Dot 2021/2022 - UKU sauna controller

Photo Credit: Huum OÜ