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tulip - tableware

  • Prizes
    Winner in HOME (Household Products)/Kitchen Accessories
  • Lead Designer
    Marvin Kasper
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  • Other credit
    Photo Credit: Niklas Viola And Vera Bracklo
  • University
    Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle
TULIP is a tableware that combines differently shaped cups, bowls, and plates to offer a diversified dining experience. Once inserted into one another, they form a silhouette that resembles a tulip blossom. Designed with the formal aesthetics in mind the set forms a unit, while meeting individual preferences using diverse shapes in the design process. Tulip can also be used as a versatile decorative element in the living space, while its inviting pastel shades offer a calming experience.

With a background in craftsmanship, Marvin Kasper developed a passion for design early on. He studied product design to explore innovative ideas and blends traditional materials and techniques into creative solutions. Since 2021, he's been pursuing a master's degree at the Burg Giebichenstein Art Academy to deepen his design expertise. He's also engaged in the Design Networking Hub of the German Design Museum Foundation, fostering cross-cultural collaboration between Kenyan and German designers. His journey melds traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, to craft inventive solutions.

Other prizes
2020 Interior Design Best of Year Award – Winner 2021 European Product Design Award – Winner 2021 European Product Design Award – Honorable mention 2021 Interior Design Best of Year Award – Winner 2022 German Design Award Newcomer – Nominee 2023 Best in Design Zlin Design Week - Honorable mention

Photo Credit: Marvin Kasper
Credits: Photo Credit: Niklas Viola and Vera Bracklo