2023 / Industrial / Healthcare: Design for Elders / Professional

Nordic Pioneer Rollator Walker

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in INDUSTRIAL/Healthcare: Design for Elders
  • Company
    byACRE, Denmark
  • Lead Designer
    Anders Berggreen
  • Design Team
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We design mobility aids for people, not patients; Nordic Pioneer represents innovation, aesthetics, and functionality that dares to confront the stigmatization connected to reduced mobility. We combine elegant and stylish design with comfort, low weight, ergonomics, and maneuverability to support an active, social, and independent lifestyle. Besides incorporating innovative, sustainable, and recyclable materials we are setting new standards for longevity with a clever, interchangeable design. A synthesis of essential needs and inherent desires resulting in a new era in assistive technology.

byACRE was founded in Copenhagen, Scandinavia’s design hub, with a mission to break down the stigma related to reduced mobility and to help those it serves maintain an active and independent lifestyle without compromise.
We saw a lack of design in this industry because of the way the existing companies looked at users as patients – not people with hopes and dreams. We simply took age out of the equation. We design mobility aids for people, not patients.

“by ACRE” is our quality seal. It’s rooted in the words ‘Active’ and ‘Re-Habitare’ – the Latin word for Back to Life.

Other prizes
- 2021 FedEx Small Business Grant Competition EU - Grand Prize Winner - 2019 Red Dot Design Award - Carbon Ultralight Rollator - 2017 IF Design Award - Scandinavian Butler Rollator - 2017 Danish Design Award - Scandinavian Butler Rollator

Photo Credit: Byacre