2023 / Industrial / Tools: Industrial Machinery / Professional

pneumagiQ PQ9020

  • Prizes
    Winner in INDUSTRIAL/Tools: Industrial Machinery
  • Company
    Impaqt Robotics Private Limited, India
  • Lead Designer
    Anuj Bihani, Anandan Parasuraman
  • Design Team
    Anuj Bihani, Anandan Parasuraman, R Nagamuthu Kumaran
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With advent of higher payload collaborative robots, need for using pneumatic grippers is eminent. Integrators find it challenging to deploy such solutions, with high dependency on skilled engineering resource. Designed on foundation of pneumagiQ technology, PO9020 is an innovation that simplifies deploying pneumatic EOAT for higher payloads, making it plug and play. With a built-in air-blow-off port, and four sensor inputs, PQ9020 saves over 50% of implementation time. The aesthetically designed lightweight product ensures a neat solution, while maximizing the payload utilization of the robot.

Impaqt Robotics is a company with a vision of designing and manufacturing innovative products that accelerates deployment of robots in industry, thereby making a positive impact. Stemming from idea of design thinking, all products are designed with a user centric approach. Concepts such as design for manufacturing & design for assembly are integrated into the product design, enabling scale. With emphasis on aesthetics, all products harmoniously blend into the final installation.

Other prizes
RedDot Winner 2023 - Innovative Products; RedDot Winner 2023 - Product Design; Core 77 - Runners Up (2023)

Photo Credit: Impaqt Robotics Private Limited