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  • Prizes
    Winner in HOME (Household Products)/Home: Room Fragrances
  • Company
    A4M Group & Orange Creatives, Hong Kong
  • Lead Designer
    Sadeq Qasem
  • Design Team
    Boukje Koch, Tommie Varekamp, Hui Chen, Woody He, Mariet Schreurs
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The Dukhoon+ was designed to create aroma and scents using natural ingredients, based on an ancient traditional ritual.

The Traditional Arabic way of creating scent is by burning natural wood chips, like agarwood, using charcoal inside a stone or metallic burner.

The Dukhoon technology still uses natural ingredients, but saves time, eliminates the use of charcoal, is portable and safe.

When you open the lid, you see the heating chambre. This is an unique chambre with a customized heating element. Air pulses around the heating chambre and pulls the aroma out.

A4M group is a Prototyping and Manufacturing company. We help entrepreneurs to realize and scale their innovations. Located in Rotterdam and Guangzhou.

Do you need a Price Benchmark for your Prototype or Production? Do you need a partner in Engineering and Production? That is what we do!

Orange Creatives 橙创 is our Wholly Foreign Owned Entity and trade name in China.

Other prizes
Good Green Design Award 2023, winner Green Product Award 2023, winner Red Dot Concept Award 2022, winner categorie Sustainability Design Intelligence Award 2022, winner categorie Life Wisdom New York Design Award 2022, winner World Intellectual Property Organization Award 2023, Finalist Recycled Materials Award 2022, Finalist Make it Circular Award 2023, Nominee Edison Award 2022, Nominee

Photo Credit: A4m Group & Orange Creatives