2023 / Automotive & Transport / Mass Transportation: Aircrafts / Aerospace / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in AUTOMOTIVE & TRANSPORT/Mass Transportation: Aircrafts / Aerospace
  • Company
    May, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Oliver May
  • Design Team
    Oliver May
Snowflake is a groundbraking designconcept for an environmental friendly autonomous advanced passenger transportation system. The technology is based on a drone flyer using a double propeller vertical take-off and landing principle which is powered by hydrogen fuel cell units. The vehicle expands the use of a mere aerotaxi suitable for less people and leads into spheres of professional aviation systems that operates beyond urban mobility. Due to its symmetrical modular layout of a hexagonal snowflake inspired design it can be efficently used for carrying passengers as well as cargo transport.

Oliver May studied Industrial Design at University of Wuppertal.
Some of his award-winning designs have garnered international attention and have been released through print and online media.

The central challenge of the future will be the organization of mobility for expected 10 billion people above all in urban conurbations and metropolitan areas. A focus of his research is the further development and transformation of individual means of transport to mass-suitable transport concepts, using combination of environmental friendly technology and necessary architectural planning solutions.

Other prizes
MICHELIN CHALLENGE DESIGN AWARD 2019 "Movin On Summit" | Montréal - Canada 2019 "Inspiring Mobility Solutions for Mega - Cities in the Year 2035" INTERNATIONAL RAILWAY VEHICLES INNOVATION DESIGN AWARD 2018 Qingdao - China 2018 "Green and High-Efficiency" Designconcept for an upcoming generation of Magnetic Levitation Trains AAVID THERMALLOY ART AND ENGINEERING CHALLENGE 2014 - 2015 New Hampshire - USA Sept 12-13, 2014 | Bologna - Italy Nov 21-22, 2014 | Shenzhen - China Jan 9-10, 2015 3 Global Events and Exhibition 2014 - 2015 MICHELIN CHALLENGE DESIGN AWARD 2012 Detroit - USA 2012 "City 2046 - Art, Life & ingenuity" NAIAS Northamerican Autoshow MICHELIN CHALLENGE DESIGN AWARD 2009 Detroit - USA 2009 "Brave and Bold-America's Next Iconic Vehicle" NAIAS Nothamerican Autoshow MICHELIN CHALLENGE DESIGN AWARD 2006 Detroit - USA 2006 "California - Alternative Powertrain & Tire Electronics" | NAIAS Northamerican Autoshow LUXEPACK DESIGN AWARD 2003 Monaco - France 2003 “Special Mention” by the jury for the German selection OPUS DESIGN AWARD 2003 Japan 2003 International Eyewear Design Competition | Winning entry for eyewear design OPUS DESIGN AWARD 2002 Japan 2002 International Eyewear Design Competition | Two winning entries for eyewear design

Photo Credit: May