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2022 / Media And Home Electronics / Consumer Electronics and Cameras / Professional

Portal - Gamifying health with mixed reality

  • Prizes
    Winner in Media and Home Electronics/Consumer Electronics and Cameras
  • Company
    Watif Design Agency , Belgium
  • Lead Designer
    Mati Papalini / Marko Filipic
  • Project Link

Portal is a mixed reality system to gamify health. You can create a digital version of yourself (avatar). When you get home, you will synchronise the data collected by your smartwatch by touching the portal mirror to update the health of your avatar.

By using the VR Portal headset different video games will be available to play through your avatar. Even your avatar will need breaks and rest!

Exercise in your daily life in order to improve in the game using training programs at home (with the Portal smart mirror) or outdoors using your smartwatch.

Photo Credit: Watif Design Agency