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2022 / Lifestyle And Travel / Wellness and Relaxation Products / Student


  • Prizes
    Winner in Lifestyle and Travel/Wellness and Relaxation Products
  • Lead Designer
    Jiaqi Liu, Wenxi Qi, Hengbo Zhang
  • Design Team
    Jiaqi Liu, Wenxi Qi, Hengbo Zhang
  • University
    Rochester Institute of Technology

An increasing amount of people have experienced excessive grumpiness when suffering from sleep deprivation. Moodify is a beacon of hope that will guide you out of the night of emotions. It assists individuals in overcoming rumination through the use of a bad mood disposer kit. Additionally, it can assist individuals in correcting their emotional cognitive biases through CBM training, allowing them to achieve a state of healthy emotional well-being.

Photo Credit: Jiaqi Liu, Wenxi Qi, Hengbo Zhang