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2022 / Office Equipment / Office equipment / Student

Cherry Blossom Fragrance Diffuser

  • Prizes
    Winner in Office Equipment/Office equipment
  • Lead Designer
    Mincheng Luo, Jing Zhang
  • Design Team
    Jing Zhang
  • University

Cherry blossom fragrance diffuser, a flower swaying in the wind. A fragrance diffuser that you can share the scent with others.
Drop the aromatherapy oil into the flower. Each layer of petals absorbs the aromatherapy oil and gives off a light scent. The tumbler principle keeps it from falling.If touched gently by the hand, it moves like flowers in the breeze, bringing with perfumes. Pick off a petal and put it in your book as a bookmark. Read a book with a faint fragrance of flowers, and when you smell it again many years later, you may think of the pleasure of reading.

Photo Credit: Mincheng Luo, Jing Zhang