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2022 / Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Urban Sustainable Design / Student

Circle of Life

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation/Urban Sustainable Design
  • Lead Designer
    Xudong Jin
  • Design Team
    Qi Qiu,Shuangying Chen,Yipeng Xiang,Yuqing Liu,Jiao Jiao,Rui Huang,Haitang Li
  • University
    North China University of Science and Technology

" Circle of Life " is a special infrastructure designed to maintain sound development of the city. It not only collects garbage, but also provides a low-cost solution for lighting the city and supplying drinking water to stray animals. At the very top of this device are solar panels with photovoltaic technology to power the street lamps. The green part, due to its porous structure, can capture water vapor from the air, condenses it to water and transports the water directly to the bottom of the tank, providing clean water for stray animals.

Photo Credit: Xudong Jin