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2022 / Illumination / Illuminated Home Decor / Student

Helix Lamp

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Illumination/Floor Lamps, Winner in Illumination/Illuminated Home Decor
  • Lead Designer
    Nan Li
  • Design Team
    Jingjing Miao, Jiade Dai, Xiacheng Song
  • University
    China University of Mining and Technology

Helix Lamp is ​​a set of interesting lighting fixtures suitable for children and families. It consists of plastic sleeves from cable recycling, wrought iron lampshades, and iron pipes. It aims to promote the reuse and renovation of non-recyclable energy. The lamps are aesthetically pleasing and vibrant in color, bringing a novel ambiance to the user's home.

The Helix series includes floor lamps and pendant lamps, in which the lamp frame of the floor lamp is composed of two iron pipes and a circular shaft, which can be rotated to change the lighting height of the lamps.

Photo Credit: Nan Li