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2022 / Home Interior Products / Household Appliances / Student

Gemini refrigerator

  • Prizes
    Winner in Home Interior Products/Household Appliances
  • Lead Designer
    HONG Sizhan,WU Fan,
  • Design Team
    DONG Qiuhua,ZHONG Chujun,JIANG Xueyi,LIANG Qijian,RUAN Hao
  • University
    Software Engineering Institute of Guangzhou

The functions of refrigerators are diversified, and the storage needs of users are more and more subdivided. Different stored foods cannot have a single functional demand as before, which puts forward new requirements for product design: free combination refrigerator. It can be used in combination or in separate spaces: one is located in the kitchen, which is responsible for the functional needs of frozen meat, fresh vegetables and so on; The other is located in the living room, which can store functional needs such as drinks, cosmetics, red wine treasures and so on. The subdivision and flexib

Photo Credit: Hong Sizhan,wu Fan,