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2022 / Toy Design / Science Toy / Professional

The pipe circuit

  • Prizes
    Winner in Toy Design/Science Toy, Winner in Toy Design/DIY (Do It Yourself) Toy
  • Company
    Beijing Aiqi Technology Co., Ltd., China
  • Lead Designer
    Yang Zhang&Hu Zhang

Water pipe circuit through. We package each electronic component in an independent module, and mark it with silkscreen and lamp on the module shell. Unified module interface, with the way of splicing blocks so that all kinds of electronic components can be arbitrarily combined. No more messy panel trouble, also avoid the difficulty and danger of soldering iron welding. Each module has built-in protection circuit, even if misspelled will not burn the device. Every time a module is connected, the circuit path on the module will become bright, so as to show the user in a clear and intuitive form

Photo Credit: Beijing Aiqi Technology Co., Ltd.