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2022 / Packaging Design / Sustainable Design / Professional

Sustainable pizza packaging

  • Prizes
    Winner in Packaging Design/Sustainable Design
  • Company
    Bizongo, India
  • Lead Designer
    Amita Jain
  • Design Team
    Govind R, Amit Ranjan , Anusha Ramesh , Arjita Kulshreshtha
  • Client
    Ovenstory (Rebel Group)

We collaborated with Ovenstory(Rebel Foods) to design a pizza box of 11”. The design should help in delivering pizza through rough packaging handling and transit conditions.
The major concern for the company was that delivery teams sometimes put the pizza box vertically in their bags that results in hot pizza getting crumbled on one side which leads to a spoiled experience. The second challenging part was to add value experience through packaging where the pizza box can convert into a serving tray.

Photo Credit: Bizongo