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2022 / Other Products Designs / Industrial Machines / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Other Products designs/Industrial Machines
  • Company
    dekonform | büro für gestaltung, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Dipl.Designer Karl-Ludwig Holl
  • Design Team
    Dipl.Designer Karl-Ludwig Holl, Dipl.Ing. Jörg Walther
  • Client
    Waldrich Coburg
  • Project Link

After Waldrich-Coburgs award-winning "TAURUS" was an enormous success, the project-team made the decision to create a sister, a "twin" (Gemini) to cover all areas in this machine genre. The TAURUS Gemini is the most flexible solution for economical and sustainable production, which is currently available on the market, combining the enormous stability of a heavy roughing machine with the high dynamics of a finishing machine.
The designteam managed to create a machine-design, which absolutely shows the relationship, although the requirements were completely different. A real Gemini was born.

Photo Credit: Dekonform | Büro Für Gestaltung