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2022 / Media And Home Electronics / Electronic Device Accessory / Professional

Fold - Wireless Charger

  • Prizes
    Winner in Media and Home Electronics/Electronic Device Accessory
  • Company
    Blond , United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    James Melia
  • Design Team
    Greg Furniaux, Ewan Alston, Dana Salmanzadeh
  • Project Link

Fold is a wireless charging solution that enables the user to charge up to three products simultaneously. Besides the functional motives and user benefits, we explored how the tech world can create more sustainable products and raise awareness of the environmental impact of electronics. Other comparable charging mats are built by sandwiching dozens of different materials between layers of glue; Fold has been stripped back to its most basic necessities, creating an almost skeletal aesthetic - but importantly, this enables the product to be disassembled for maintenance and conscious disposal.

Photo Credit: Blond