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2022 / Media And Home Electronics / TV, Video and Audio Equipment / Professional

ReNa SpeaLight

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Media and Home Electronics/TV, Video and Audio Equipment
  • Company
    ReNa Design, Iran
  • Lead Designer
    Reza Najafian
  • Design Team
    Bahar HoseinNejad

Treeple reading lamp and speaker is a functional, modern and minimal sculpture with a special and unique design, which is made of hollow tubes.
The upper part of the body is formed from the intersection of 3 hollow tubes of equal size with a diameter of 33 mm at an angle of 120 degrees, which in another intersection with vertical tubes, completes the form of the body.

Reza Najafian is an Iranian Designer and Architect who was born in 1980. In 2012, Reza established his own practice;ReNa Design. Even as a young office, ReNa Design is a well-established name in the professional community of architecture and design and has been involved in a wide range of successful projects many of which won numerous national and international awards and recognitions in fields of architecture and interior design. Besides architecture, Reza has also pursued his other interests in art such as Product design with many of his projects in these fields being present in exhibition.

Photo Credit: Rena Design