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Palacio Surfaces

  • Prizes
    Winner in Home Interior Products/Materials and Surfaces
  • Company
    Orvi Design Studio, India
  • Lead Designer
    Sanjeev Agrawal
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This collection’s identity pays homage to the Spanish word for Palace. The intricate designs that make up this line of luxurious surfaces are inspired by the grand castles where much of Europe’s royalty once resided. Each piece of metal, stone & up-cycled wood, is delicately inlaid by hand into carved base stone & then hand polished to create exquisite surfaces, perfect for modern day interiors. The grains in wood & stone ensure a flare of uniqueness & cohesive warmth in every piece. Artisans take 90 days to handcraft 100 sq.ft of these surfaces & feel emboldened to keep their craft alive

ORVI blends creativity with craftsmanship, technology
with tradition, Western aesthetics with artisanal
techniques from Asia and beyond.
Working with more than 200 in-house our mission is to create innovative and uniquely
beautiful surfaces and home pieces. Orvi’s surfaces
are suited for all parts of the building envelope; both
for interior and exterior applications. Orvi’s home
pieces get conceptualized from the tender nuances
of everyday life, starting with natural materials and
unique forms.
We are enchanted by the qualities of natural materials
like stone, wood, metal, ceramics and glass.

Other prizes
Archiproducts Design Awards 2021 Interior Design- Best of Year 2019 Interior Design- Best of Year Honouree 2013 Interior Design- Best of Year Honouree 2015 Interior Design- Best of Year 2010

Photo Credit: Orvi Design Studio