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2022 / Education / Self Learning Devices / Professional

Smart Guitar

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Education/Self Learning Devices
  • Company
    Guangzhou Rantion Technology Co., Ltd. , China
  • Lead Designer
    WenJi Zhang
  • Design Team
    WenJi Zhang,Mi Jiang,Rui Zhong,MingPei Lei,YueLiang Chen,RuoFei Dai
  • Client
    Guangzhou Rantion Technology Co., Ltd.

12:42This smart guitar is different from existing products in that it can be connected, two-way feedback of the smart fingerboard! It is the direction of guitar teaching development in the future, so we launched an exclusive APP to create an online music academy. Semi-transparent acrylic is used in the appearance instead of traditional materials. When paired with the tutor guitar, students' fingering is displayed on the guitar tutor's fingerboard in real time, realizing remote one-to-one teaching and making learning no longer worry about time and place.

Photo Credit: Guangzhou Rantion Technology Co., Ltd.