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2022 / Children Products / Baby Products / Professional

smarTrike STR7 & Kelly Anna

  • Prizes
    Winner in Children Products/Baby Products
  • Company
    LNDMRK, Israel
  • Lead Designer
    Kelly Anna
  • Client
    smartrike Marketing LTD
  • Other credit
    Photo By: Natali Galinov

While encouraging physical engagement is important, we also understand that visual stimulus is a crucial part of early development. Kelly Anna is an artist, mother, and designer living in East London. The two STR7 designs from Kelly Anna go hand-in-hand and tell the story of early development in young children. Starting with the “Explore”, the black and white color pallet combined with light touches of purple represent the early stages of visual processing in children. Three-dimensional abstract shapes of “Imagine” start to connect what they have learned to their personality.

Other prizes
smarTrike products earn within last few years the below awards: - Loved By Parents_2022 - Best Innovative Toy - RedDot Award in 2019 (German international design prize) - Plus X award

Photo Credit: Lndmrk
Credits: Photo by: Natali Galinov