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2021 / Transportation / Alternative Fuel Vehicles / Professional

REE Class 2 EV Platform

  • Prizes
    Winner in Transportation/Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Company
    REE Automotive, Japan
  • Lead Designer
    Amos Boaz
  • Design Team
    Ahishay Sardes, Eylon Avigur, Eran Starik, Michael Braverman
  • Client
    REE Automotive
  • Project Link

REE is known in the EV industry for its award-winning REEcorner™ technology that packs critical vehicle components such as the motor, steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control into a single compact module positioned between the wheel and the chassis.
REE's Vehicle Class 2 Electric Vehicle platform offers all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering based on our proprietary X-by-Wire technology.
Our full-fledged single wheel X-by-Wire technology allows each REEcorner to be controlled independently. This ensures highest vehicle stability & maneuverability and utmost traction control.

Photo Credit: Ree Automotive