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2021 / Media And Home Electronics / Electronic Device Accessory / Professional

Pulse N More

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Media and Home Electronics/Electronic Device Accessory
  • Company
    Taga, Israel
  • Lead Designer
    Taga team
  • Design Team
    Taga team
  • Client
    Pulse N More

PulseNmore ES is an ultrasound device for home use for Women who need to be on a pregnancy bed rest, which connects to the phone, and through a special app, the image is seen on your phone, while the app automatically sends it directly to the doctor.

PulseNmore ES enables any pregnant woman to perform the test from the comfort of her home, without having to go to the doctor, while sending the results directly to her attending physician.

The device is provided by the HMO to the patient and it is disposable, intended to be used by the pregnant woman until the birth.

Photo Credit: Taga