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2021 / Illumination / Outdoor lighting_IL / Professional

Jovie LED Streetlight

  • Prizes
    Winner in Illumination/Outdoor lighting
  • Company
    Office for Visual Interaction, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Jean Sundin, Enrique Peiniger, Markus Fuerderer
  • Design Team
    Trilux Engineering
  • Client
  • Project Link

JOVIE, a reimagined streetlight for a modern world, proves beauty and economy are not mutually exclusive concepts. This entirely original, budget-conscious family of streetlights is available in two sizes and various optical light distributions. The design team prioritized neither aesthetics nor budget but emphasized efficiency, reducing and relocating internal components to produce an arrangement that organically dictates the luminaire’s freeform shape. This condensed materials usage drastically lowers cost and eases the logistics of manufacturing, assembly, and installation.

Photo Credit: Office For Visual Interaction