2021 / Children Products / Baby Products / Professional

Baby Walker

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Children Products/Baby Products
  • Company
    Wilsonic Design, Slovenia
  • Lead Designer
    Nina Mihovec
  • Design Team
    Peter Rojc, Nina Mihovec
  • Client
    Wilsonic Design
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  • Other credit
    Photo By Wilsonic Design

Ooh Noo Baby Walker is walking and balance help for baby’s first first steps. It can offer extra fun too. Not just because the walker is sturdy and allows for reliable first steps, the game can also include older siblings, who can be pushed around the house in it.
The Baby Walker is made of wood and metal and is therefore easy to recycle. When making the weels, the circular cutting can create a considerable amount of subpar results, which would normally end up as waste. As the Baby Walker’s wheels have a thick rubber lining, this compensates for slightly uneven wheels and prevents waste.

Photo Credit: Wilsonic Design
Credits: Photo by Wilsonic Design