2020 / Design For Society / Design for Society / Student


  • Prizes
    Winner in Design for Society/Design for Society
  • Lead Designer
    Enrich Group
  • Design Team
    Landon Mason, Josh Meador, Nick Poe, Margriet Klinchhamers, Natalie Tobias
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Brook Kennedy, Loring Bixler
  • University
    Virginia Tech

Social Isolation affects all generations and communities.

Age doesn't change peoples' desire to build meaningful relationships, make healthy life choices, and explore new passions.

Enrich is a community greenhouse service forging lasting human connection and bridging generational gaps.
Gardening promotes physical and mental activity that has been proven to positively impact our mood and health. Combining this lifestyle with an environment that cultivates multi-generational relationships is the embodiment of purposeful living.

Enrich ensures that we ALL have the chance to grow, together.

Photo Credit: Enrich Group
Credits: Brook Kennedy, Loring Bixler