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2019 / Packaging Design / Beverage / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Packaging Design/Beverage
  • Company
    SHUMI LOVE DESIGN Branding Agency (TM), Moldova, Republic of
  • Lead Designer
    Valerii Sumilov
  • Client

The project of complex branding for Sintagma TM is different from everything else on the food shelf. The concept of the label contains the original idea of the very meaning of Sintagma. In linguistics, this literary tool is symbolized through an inclined dash (/). It was this symbol that laid down the concept as a core element. The label fully emphasizes this idea, smoothly combining, articulating and mixing various elements and parts of a design with this single central concept.

More than just design. Alcoholic world class branding. Design that increases sales. Branding. Packaging. Design.

Photo Credit: Shumi Love Design Branding Agency (tm)