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2019 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Leisure, games and fun / Professional


  • Prizes
    Gold in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Leisure, games and fun
  • Company
    Studio Wehberg, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Max Wehberg
  • Design Team
    Studio Wehberg, Joachim von Ketelhodt, Henning Gaulke
  • Client
    Volkswagen Autostadt GmbH
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Construction: Airkraft Pneumatische Konstruktionen

As part of the annual Autostadt summer festival, Studio Wehberg has designed and developed in 2017 among other open air attractions an inflatable play object on water called ‚Bubbles’.
For this large bouncy island which resembles oversized bubbles a 28-metre-diameter platform was designed exclusively for the Autostadt in the lagoon of the park. A water pillow as underground serves as fall protection for playing heights. Several inflatable bubbles of different sizes were placed on the platform, the largest with a height of 4 meters. The jumping fun on the objects became much bigger this way.

Studio Wehberg from Hamburg designs products, objects, stage sets, creates spaces and generates public art installations. Archetypal and associative power characterize Max Wehberg's designs. Over the past 20 years, hundreds of designs and projects have been realized in collaboration with his team, which have attracted international attention and have won many awards. An interdisciplinary approach is typical for their work. Studio Wehberg's portfolio includes one-off and series products for 'Living & Office Spaces', industrial products for indoor and outdoor use and exclusive L to XXL objects.

Other prizes
2018 Stahlinnovationspreis, Finalist Best of Steel-Design 2017 German Design Award Gold 2017 German Design Award Winner 2016 Iconic Awards Interior Innovation Best of Best 2015 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Category Urban Design 2015 Stahlinnovationspreis, Best of Stahl im Bauwesen 2009 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Category Urban Design 2009 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Category Urban Design

Photo Credit: Studio Wehberg
Credits: Construction: Airkraft Pneumatische Konstruktionen