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2019 / Office Equipment / Office equipment / Professional

Transparent Laminator

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Media and Home Electronics/Electric Appliance, Bronze in Office Equipment/Office equipment
  • Company
    Ragazzo Design Studio, Hong Kong
  • Lead Designer
    Andrea Ragazzo
  • Project Link

Do you remember as a kid, when you saw something for the first time, and you wondered how it works? Kids often ask their parents how things work or come to be the way they are. Sometimes the parents know what to say, sometimes they don't. Either way, the curiosity of a child is priceless and makes growing up a time of wonder and surprises.

Our design addresses creative inquiries. We wanted to show how a laminator works. By exposing the heated rolls, we show how the laminate and paper go in on one side and come out the other end as a melt unit, making the process fun and explainable.

We are an Italian industrial design and engineering studio based in Hong Kong, creating user-centric, emotional designs which can be mass produced without complications. Our approach is to blend usability and feasibility into something uniquely beautiful.

Photo Credit: Ragazzo Design Studio