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2019 / Transportation / Nautical/Boats / Student

SEIN - a sailing cruise ship

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Transportation/Nautical/Boats
  • Lead Designer
    Moritz Valentin Weigand
  • Other credit
    Supervisor: Prof. G. Reichert, Prof. M. Held
  • University
    Hochschule Für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd

With it’s 4 decks accommodating up to 112 guests and 58 crew members, vast areas for water bathing, efficient and well thought pathways as well as being potentially sustainable, SEIN offers a totally new cruise experience. Aiming at people who are not as much of sailing enthusiasts, neither want to spend their holiday on a 25 decks, shopping mall, water slides, cart tracks etc. „event cruise“ but want a relaxed, luxurious and in the nature cruise. Iconically shaped, still having referring style elements of gone legends but unmistakably new!

Photo Credit: Moritz Valentin Weigand
Credits: Supervisor: Prof. G. Reichert, Prof. M. Held