THE 2023 EDITION IS CLOSED FOR SUBMISSIONS. Winners will be announced soon. Stay tuned!
2019 / Packaging Design / Food / Student


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Packaging Design/Food
  • Lead Designer
    Tobias Härdtlein
  • Project Link
  • University
    Htw Berlin

Klip Klap is a closure for stand-up pouches, which is dedicated to opening. It is characterized by its fast and self-explanatory handling. Both, open and close, can be operated in one step and by just one hand. The span of 8cm is handy for small or large hands.

Furthermore it is a functioning reclosure that comes without neither additional pieces like strips or adhesive, nor tools like a spoon. As there will be no contamination or waste of food, Klip Klap is a good example for save food.

Photo Credit: Tobias Härdtlein