2019 / Home Interior Products / Kitchen Appliances / Student

BlackHole Hood

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Home Interior Products/Kitchen Appliances
  • Lead Designer
    Elham Mirzapour
  • Design Team
    Elham Mirzapour
  • Other credit
    Elham Mirzapour
  • University
    I. Art University Of Tabriz

This product inspired by black hole and worm hole concept that makes connection between two points of places (vacuums the smoke from inside to out space). This design, makes the product beautiful and modern form, that’s all causing emotional feelings and affordable. It makes emotional moments and easy usage while cooking. The BlackHole Hood designed for island kitchens and it is light and has easy installation and usage. You can use the Black Hole Hood by touching buttons on the glass and having power feeling because it' comes from worm hole and black hole concept.

Other prizes
2018, Silver, A Design and Competition, Como/ Italy 2018, Gold, IDA (International Design Awards), Los Angeles/ USA 2017, Emerging Best product designer of the year, IDA (International Design Awards), Los Angeles/ USA

Photo Credit: Elham Mirzapour
Credits: Elham Mirzapour