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2019 / Lifestyle And Travel / Luxury Goods / Professional

Infinitio - One Watch, Endless Possibilities

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Lifestyle and Travel/Luxury Goods
  • Company
    Aspire Gear Inc., Canada
  • Lead Designer
    Jacky Ng
  • Project Link

The Infinitio is an interchangeable watch series. Each watch consists of a casing, an inner housing, and a replaceable strap. Since these components can be interchanged with another, users can assemble different watches according to their personal preferences. And because these components can be interchanged with other parts, the number of combinations of this watch can be limitless, thus resulting in the slogan "One Watch. Endless Possibilities."

The inception of Aspire Gears is for those who like challenges. Our team has a common philosophy, that is, never to stay in our comfort zone and always pursue new concepts. We want to make our customer feeling fresh every time they get our products on hand.

We love watches, so our first stage is to make some unique watches. However, our future products are not limited to watchmaking. As long as they are innovative products, we will make them, so that every product will have a surprise.

Photo Credit: Aspire Gear Inc.