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2019 / Illumination / Chandeliers / Professional

Chute Multi Pendant

  • Prizes
    Platinum in Illumination/Chandeliers
  • Company
    Kuzco Lighting, Canada
  • Lead Designer
    Andrew Pick
  • Design Team
    Industrial Design - Andrew Pick and Mechanical Engineer - Jonathan Kampen
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Photo: Winnie Richardson And Kuzco Marketing Team

The primary component of the CHUTE series is a slim round rod illuminated along the entirety of its length. The opal silicon diffuser radiates soft LED light outward from the vertical axis of the lamp and completes the cylindrical shape. Austere as a single pendant the fixture becomes increasingly impactful as an installation of multiples, creating a field of radiant floating lines. Individual height adjustment of the various linear elements allows for user customization and an abundance of potential compositions. Available in several sizes and achromatic powder-coated finishes.

Kuzco represents the successful integration of advanced lighting technology and beautiful minimalist form. Fine material finishes and carefully considered design details complement and augment the architectural setting. Sleek yet distinguished the extensive curated collection reflects an impeccable degree of refinement.

Photo Credit: Kuzco Lighting
Credits: Photo: Winnie Richardson and Kuzco Marketing Team