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2019 / Illumination / Table Lamps / Professional


  • Prizes
    Gold in Illumination/Table Lamps
  • Company
    Pablo Designs, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Pablo Pardo
  • Design Team
    Pablo Designs Studio
  • Project Link

Bola Disc Table’s iconic silhouette is defined by its elegant chromed stainless steel disc shade positioned at 45 degrees while elevated by an opaline glass globe diffusor that appears to float over its marble cylinder base. The shade can be rotated 360 degrees to provide multiple lighting possibilities allowing its friendly asymmetric design to cast both direct and indirect light where you need it most. This distinctly iconic design is perfectly suited for desks, bedside stands, and reading nooks. Bola Disc Table also features full-range dimming via a discreet optical switch.

Photo Credit: Pablo Designs