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2019 / Home Interior Products / Interior Decoration / Professional

“STITCH Pot” by Blinde Design

  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Interior Decoration
  • Company
    Mad Design (Australia), Australia
  • Lead Designer
    James Lee
  • Design Team
    In-House Design Team
  • Client
    Mad Design (Australia)
  • Project Link

Combining tradition and technology; modern machining, hand made moulds, high-tech finishing and manual rope threading the STITCH Pot combines elements of high craftsmanship and design features. Designed to look relaxed, yet the tension from ropes prevents it from looking lazy, sagging or melting. Using Fluid Concrete Technology enabled us to achieve our design objectives and work with concrete in a way that was never thought possible. As one of the cheapest building materials available, achieving light-weight, high- quality, seamless bends and curves like this is a game-changer.

Photo Credit: Mad Design (australia)