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2019 / Home Interior Products / Kitchen Furniture / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Kitchen Furniture
  • Company
    Day-Studios, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Jeffrey Day
  • Design Team
  • Client
    D-S Lab
  • Other credit
    Frame: Forge206 & Engineering: Acp

Bubbles is a light hearted interpretation of children's blowing bubbles. The push & pull of the table surface represents each individual bubble as they would be as a 5 bubble grouping. The frame's suspended tension adds a dynamic element to the table. The tension is designed to add movement to the table.

We create products that elevate people
Understanding the new business reality and the changing design and ergonomic needs of the digital workplace, we are pleased to offer our new line of sit/stand desks.

Day-Studios specializes in the manufacturing of OEM designs in solid wood/mixed media home office furniture. We produce products that fit your unique needs for furniture programs nationally in any scale.
Working collectively to develop exactly what they need at exactly the right time, profitable partnerships with our suppliers and customers is our goal.

Other prizes
2016- A Design Awards: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron 2016- Spark awards Bronze, Finalist

Photo Credit: Day-studios
Credits: Frame: Forge206 & Engineering: ACP